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The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time, The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time let’s talk about the five top health tips of all  time someone suggested doing this on one so i sat down and really took a  look at what would be the most important tips that you should focus on to do  that i had to first look at the top worst tips of all time okay which are some  of these right here.

than to come up with the best tips it’s just a good way to figure  things out by looking at the opposite side the problem that most people are running  into is that they’re they google stuff and they’re trying to find the best tips but what  they’re going to get is either the worst tips or trivial things.

what i want to focus on  is the most vital things to produce the most health but mainstream.

talks about doing low fat  low salt drinking lots of water gallons of water now there’s nothing wrong with drinking enough  water but you could actually overdo it especially if you’re low on salt because you’re diluting your  electrolytes if you’re drinking gallons of water.

The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time, The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

now lean proteins people are brainwashed  to think that that’s better than fattier proteins.

but here’s the thing lean proteins  will stimulate the hormone insulin okay which by the way this is the number one tip most of you  already know this but for those of you that don’t keeping your insulin levels normal is probably the  best health.

advice you can give someone because that’s going to result in preventing so many  health problems from inflammation to a fatty liver to metabolic syndrome to blood pressure to  decreasing your risk of getting cancer and the list goes on and on and on to do that you  need to lower your carb consume fattier proteins because leaner proteins on the insulin index.

will stimulate insulin more than fattier proteins and that also includes consuming an egg in  its whole form versus just the egg white now vegetable oils as in soy oil corn oil canola  cotton seed are highly inflammatory and those could actually trigger insulin resistance so when  you were taught that you had to replace saturated fats with vegetable oils that is the worst advice  that you were given okay so we want to get rid of the vegetable oils and use more saturated oils. The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

coconut oil fat from butter things like that all right next one is lose weight and get healthy.

now  if you look up pretty much any health condition regardless of what it is like heart disease  whatever they’re going to tell you you need to lose weight you need to lose weight because  obesity is a risk factor well number three this is better advice get healthy to lose weight  first okay not lose weight to get healthy this right here might sound really kind of  simple and almost like idiotically obvious.

but it’s very very powerful because instead of  focusing on your weight you just focus on getting healthy and guess what you will lose the weight  as a byproduct but you also have a lot of other great things as well those people that are just so  focused on weight loss choosing the wrong program that actually makes them unhealthy especially  if they’ve been given the bad advice of lowering your calories.

okay because this is this is what  they’ll say right here every diet works as long as you keep your calories low how many times  have you ever heard this very bad advice when you restrict calories you slow the metabolism and  you also cut nutrients too if you get in a healthy eating plan you increase your nutrients and you  change your fuel to the right type of fuel and you lose weight in a healthy way and you look better.

next one on the bad advice six small meals per day to prevent overeating okay which is the  worst advice because every time you eat you trigger insulin so fasting is number two  very very important intermittent fasting you need to skip your breakfast now i used to be the  guy that would recommend consuming and breakfast well i found out that was bad information.

so  i changed in my book you don’t want to consume breakfast simply.

because you want to increase  your time of fasting it’s going to really help you shift your metabolism into burning your own fat  and you’re going to be extremely healthy if you do that and so instead of lowering your calories  decrease the frequency of eating and this one right here which is at the top of the list you  need to stop snacking why because every time you snack you stimulate insulin so these two can be  pretty much combined but i wanted to separate them

The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time, The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

all right exercise well no that’s a good thing  it’s really good.

but that would probably be down here number six as far as a health tip all  right reduce your added sugars now this is always interesting they tell you to reduce your added  sugars to like six teaspoons of sugar per day well that’s still going to be way too high to  get into ketosis because you’re still going to increase insulin.

so why don’t they just tell you  to get rid of all the sugars so again it’s it’s advice but it’s not the best advice in the world  all right eat your breakfast we already discussed that how about this one there is no bad foods you  just have to eat variety foods. The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

will give you fuel this right here is probably created  by the food the junk food industry it is very bad advice because there are bad foods  okay there are junk foods that will give you some temporary fuel but it’s going to jack your insulin  and create all sorts of problems so there is zero benefit in consuming certain foods and that  relates to this next.

one a little bit everything in moderation in order to get into ketosis to  get your body to burn the right fuel which is fat you have to bring the insulin down to do  that you have to bring your carbs down on the low end okay so if everything’s  in moderation you’ll never get there you want low carb moderate protein.

so we can do  moderate protein but higher amounts of fat okay that’s the ratios that you need not everything  in moderation so they’re basically allowing you to have everything in moderation junk food sugar  alcohol and you never really get anywhere with your health in order to get healthy you can’t have  certain things in moderation.

you must have them very very low.

all right next one is no one diet is  for everyone each person is different what works for some people might not work for someone else  and so that leaves you in a confused state where you’re trying diet after diet after diet you keep.

trying to one day maybe you’ll find the right diet well i disagree with this one right here because  our bodies are very similar in certain things especially our hormones especially insulin  any diet that helps you lower insulin will help you any diet that helps you lower  insulin will increase your health the diets that lower it more are going to produce more.

benefit those diets that raise insulin are not good diets and so if you understand the back end  of how fats burn and what hormones do what then you can actually predict what diet is going to be  good or bad okay so we already talked about this we talked about that so number four when you.

do a keto plan which is low carb you want to do it healthfully and what i mean by that is  you want to increase two things the quality of your ingredients you want to do organic well  caught grass fed you also want to consume foods that are high in nutrients that satisfy your  nutrient requirement and so by doing both of those that is called healthy okay so healthy keto and  keto is about getting your body to burn ketones.

which is the byproduct of fat so this is  number four very good.

advice and number five and number five we can include the exercise  and sleep for all sorts of benefits as well as reducing your stress okay so that would be number.

five and so when i really looked at everything these are the top five i couldn’t think of  anything that was higher in the list if you could think of something that’s better than these  five please put them in the comments section below. The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time, The 5 Top Health Tips of All Time

before you go if you have a question about a  product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help  you this is just for the people in the us hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer  everyone’s call but i put the number down below so you can call and get some help